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About US

       Xi’an Beilin District LaLaShou special education center provides the service for autistic people and people with intellectual disabilities. It is a non-governmental non-enterprise organization. The center was funded by parents of autistic children in Janurary 2002. Over the last ten years, it has provided services for more than 2000 children and their families, organized nearly a hundred times of activities, estabilished the special education network in northwestern China.   

Vision: Each person with autism and intellectual disabilities can integrate into society and live a happy life.

Mission:  LaLaShou provides various services for children with autism and intellectual disabilities and their families, to enhance the acceptance and support from the family and community, adhering to the concept of holistic development.

Value: Respect life, People-oriented, Encourage to practice, Make progress together.

Declaration of self-discipline:

1.We announce the property of LaLaShou is a public welfare.
2.We will disclose the financial status to the beneficiaries, staff, donators and the public through a variety of ways;
3.The surplus funds are not allowed to use for individuals’ purpose, they should be used for the development of LaLaShou based on the council’s decisions.


1.“Honorary Title of a unit providing national service for autistic people, achieving the standard of self-discipline and advocating social activities.”
2.“2012 One Foundation Actively Participate Award”
3.“Advanced Unit of Moral Construction of Minors”
4.“Xi’an Top Ten Female Volunteer Service Team”
5.“Beilin District Civiliziation Unit”
6.“The good faith school”
7.“Youth Civilization”
8.“Labor Model of Shaanxi province”
9.“Xi’an Education Figure of the Annual Award”
10.“Honorary Title of Helping Others and Moral Model in Xi’an Beilin District”  


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