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Children growth:
       Provides pre-primary education, school education and rehabilitation training service to 3 ~ 16 years old children diagnosed with autism, intellectual disability and cerebral palsy.

Pre-primary education: Aim to trigger Children to communicate proactively; make children to be in the leading role for the learning, to cultivate them to have adaptable code for the society; to develop children’s capability to express themselves and deal with problems, to explore children’s potential to the greatest extent, to improve their ability for learning and adapting to the social life.  
School education: Students should have earnest study attitude, desire   to communicate actively, the behavior conduct code, acceptable for the  society, be able to adapt to the social life and live on their own with appropriate support.;

 Parent development:
        We will provide family counseling, parents class, psychological guidance to the parents, organize the parent-teacher-student activity, set up the support group for parents of children with autism, intellectual disability and cerebral palsy, hold the forum for parents to communicate face-to-face with medical, education, rehabilitation professionals every year to share their concerns and experience.

“The Parent Forum in the West of China”:
       held every October since 2009, is a communication platform provided for the autistics-services organizations, parents, international professionals. It strengthens the combinations between special education, medicine and rehabilitation, enhances the communication between parents and professions from different areas. Through the forum, the parents increase their confidence, improve their consciousness of participation greatly and take part into the children’s rehabilitation education actively.

Industry promotion:
       LaLaShou, based in Shannxi province, exchanges ideas, shares experience with professional organizations, provides necessary support for teachers' training and forms the network of special education with the Marine Heaven Project’s support in the northwestern of China..

       Since 2011, the training program of frontline special education teachers has provided internship opportunities to the teachers from the northwestern Chinese region during the summer and winter holidays. We also organize professional trainings for teachers two to three times per year to improve their educational philosophy and professional competencies
        “The Marine Heaven Plan” was launched by The One Foundation in 2011, planed for 3 years. LaLaShou as a key institution in northwestern Chinese region, joined the 21 special education institutions to provide the rehabilitation aid for 620 children and help children to re-integrate into the community about 4200 person times.

        Through the Marine Heaven plan, the capability of service of the network members is improved, the notion of service and the skills of service, are also changed. Learning online has played a very important role in promoting development of the industry.

Society advocacy:
       We work together with the government, enterprises, schools and NGOs to advocate the communities’ acceptance on the special group of children, to enhance the harmonious of the society. The “Blue Blue Up” held at the World Autism Day On April 2 and the special children exhibition sports meeting held at the Children's Day have become a well-known brand project which advocates of paying more attention to the special group of children.
     The “Blue Blue Up”, held at the World Autism Day On April 2 of each year, is a project which is to engage the public in the action of caring the autism children in such ways as wearing the blue ribbons or turning the buildings blue.

       The special children exhibition sports meeting which have been held for 4 sessions since 2007, is a great occasion for volunteers, the special group of children and their families to share joy and friendship. Special children and their families enjoyed the pleasure brought from sports and spent a nice day at the playground.

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