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To Know Special Needs Children

Autism is a kind of universal growth disorder caused by brain functional disorder. It mostly influences aspects of society interpersonal interaction, language and behavior. International disorder can be classified into Childhood Autism, Typical Autism, Reye’s Syndrome, Amentia caused by stereotyped behavior with too much action, Asperger Syndrome, and other universal growth disorder.
Whether for children who have autism to join the society or not is depended on accepted level of the society except for the difference of level of pathology of themselves so giving diversified teaching trainings and providing accepted and included surroundings will let children gradually learn to live independently and join the society.
Hypoevolutismus’ behavior usually represents various lag of body growth and exercise growth and mental growth, but it can be represented at any one side. Usually, IQ that under 70-75 is called hypphrenia. If one of the height, weight, head circumference’s measurement is slightly low, it represents that the children might partly have Hypoevolutismus. The final result can be found by testing cranial nerve, Endocrine or other program to know whether the children’s physiological growth are influenced or not.
Cerebral Paralysis
Cerebral Paralysis, is a syndrome caused by non-progressively brain damage and developmental defect from fertile period to infancy. It is mainly presented by exercise disorder and unusually posture. Usually, it mixes with mental disorder, epilepsy, perceptual disorder, communication disorder, behavior disorder and other disorders. It is almost the same as Cerebral Palsy.
Down’s Syndrome
Down’s Syndrome is also called prenatal or Down’Syndrome caused by distortion of autosome. It is one of the most popular Children’s chromosome. Incidence rate of lively infant is about 1/(600-800). The older the mothers, the higher the incidence.
60% of children patients are aborted at early time. Down’s Syndrome includes a series of inherent disease. The most representative one is Donw’s Syndrome’s trisome phenomenon. It can cause highly deformation included learning disability, mental disability, normal disability, etc.

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