How to become a volunteer?
        “La La Shou” serves to children from 3-16 who have Autism, mental disorder. Because of pathological influence, their cognition, language, behavior, action, self-care and others aspects all fall behind with different levels. At the same time, children who have Autism all have relatively obvious social intercourse disorder. If you guys want to be their volunteers, you need to search for some relative data to prepare for it before you come here.
       Suggested videos: <<Ocean Heaven>>, <<Children From The Distant Planet>>, <<Son of Stars>>, <<Rain Man>>, <<Forrest Gump>>, etc
       Suggested readings: To know pathological condition, prognosis and character’s story through relative websites and books.
What can volunteers do?
1. Teaching assistant/Take care of students
    1) Stay with children all the time and help children finish study and life within school
    2) Take care and help children to do things such as drinking water and go to the restroom
    3) Take lessons and play games with children
2. Teaching assistant/Teaching tools making/Data collecting
    1) Can collect data and organize it by following requirements
    2) Can make publicity boards, teaching tools, pictures, decorate classrooms, etc.
3. Professional courses teacher
    1) Need teacher with relative professional (preschool education, special needs education, etc.) teaching background
    2) Can teach children arts, music, games, and other activity curriculum.
4.Translation (Oral interpretation/written translation)
    1) Translating center need relative (website, books, e-mails or others) foreign language data and translate information as soon as possible
    2) Help “La La Shou” communication specialists to do the oral interpretation (English, Japanese, German, etc.)
5. Activity design and participation
    1) Design relative publicity, charity bazaar, community integration and other activities together
    2) Provide relative data and successful messages from abroad
6. Text input and recording organization
    1) Written text data input
    2) Recording organization input
    3) Data collecting organization
Ways to join us:
       Please download “Volunteer application form” and send it to e-mail of development department after finishing it: fazhanbu@lalashou.org and we will answer you within three workdays.
       Now, there are more than 30 volunteer teams cooperate with La La Shou. They are from colleges, firms or society volunteer groups, including individual volunteers. If you want to be one of “La La shou” volunteers, welcome to ask and join us!
       Tel: 029-82492991
       Contact: Huan Wu

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