Public welfare project

public welfare project

1.Name of program: 
       Build professional resource center program for preschool, school age Autism service organization in west part of China 
       German Missouri Society Development Foundation
Program brief introduction:
       La La Shou cooperates with Missouri Foundation to ameliorate reference rooms of books, toys, and teaching tools, train special education teachers for west part of China, establish parent groups and hold children birthday parties for special needs children, publish parent address books for special needs children’s parents, hold training program for special needs children’s parents, hold art classes for special needs children, improve teaching surroundings, improve numbers of teaching equipments and improve service quality. This program also devote to mutual development of peer organization by building professional resource center of Autism service organization for west part of China, exploiting professional guidance system, providing on job professional training for front-line teachers, helping western service organization to build management framework and operation mechanism, proposing cooperation and development between firms.
2.Name of program: 
       Century Wanhao Special Needs Children Helping Program
       Century Wanhao Designer Accessory Development Corporation
Program brief introduction: 
       Century Wanhao Designer Accessory Development Corporation is a firm that uses Designer brands management to be the core competitiveness. At 2012, it cooperated with La La Shou. It established Century Wanhao Foundation (also called “the Fifth Foundation”). We hope that it can support rehabilitation education fee for poor special needs children to let them have chance of getting education and to make sure that every children has a long-time available rehabilitation, lessen families’ economic pressure. From 2012 to now, “Century Wanhao” has already subsidized more than 20 special needs children.

3.Name of program: 
       Ocean Heaven Plan
       One Foundation
Program brief introduction: 
       Ocean Heaven Plan forms a website working pattern throughout Chinese nongovernment service to help children with
cerebral palsy, Autism, and other rare diseases and to improve ability of professional service and organization development. It cooperates with companies, investment organization and nongovernment organization to have public propaganda and society advocacy and improve our nation’s attention policy support toward special needs children to make sure that their dignity, improve their independence and let them have substantial and proper life under society life that is advantageous to them. 

4.Name of program: 
       Mental Disorder Innovation Organization
Program brief introduction:
       Mental Disorder Innovation Organization is an innovated self-motivated non-profit website for connecting domestic service organization of Mental Disorder. Mental Disorder Innovation Organization will be together with service organization of Mental Disorder throughout China to improve all-side innovation of industry service concept, technology and management.
Tel: 010-6417 3548、010-5715 1530

5.Name of program: 
       Blue Action
       One Foundation
Program brief introduction: 
       From 2008, every April 2nd is assigned as “World Autism Day” to improve people’s attention on Autism and its relative research and diagnosis. From 2011, La La Shou worked together with western peer education organization, together with One Foundation and special needs organization from all over China, initiated and organized “Blue Action” to notice about advocacy activity of special needs children. It proposes people’s care and support toward Autism Children.

6.Name of program: 
       True Love Special People Talent Show Sport Event
       Xian True Love Investment Enterprise Group Corporation
Program brief introduction: 
       In 2009, with the funding of Xian True Love Investment Group Corporation, La La Shou invited professional teachers from education department of Xian Physical Education College to design sport projects for children. 188 children and their families joined
 the game equally and had a good time at the sport event. After that, True Love enterprise group donate money and corporate with La La Shou every two year to hold a sport event for special needs children to provide a chance for them to show their talent, to help them to join the society and enjoy happy life. 

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