[2014 Donation Requirement

1. Support Plan for special needs children’s growth 
       “Special children” includes mental disorder, Hypoevolutismus, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and other special kinds of children. Most of these special children study in normal teaching organization. Their life and growth are rarely concerned and supported by people. To propose people to pay attention to growth of these children, “La La Shou” calls upon society and people to subsidize special children nutritious lunch, healthy drinking water, teaching tools for special needs children together to provide healthy, happy life and growth condition for them.
       You can join us by :
Money donation: 
       Nutritious lunch for special needs chidren: 19 yuan per person for 1 day;
       Healthy drinking water for special needs children: 22 yuan per person for 1 day;
       Teaching tools for special needs children: 200 yuan per person for 1 year.
Material donation:
        Donating for “Children’s Days’ presents for special needs children
 Action support: 
       To be a teaching assistant volunteer, twice per week
2. Support plan of inclusive education
        “Walking out of houses, hugging sunshine”, it is a simple wish for normal people, but it is difficult for families of special needs children.
       You can join us by:
Donating money: 
       Joining the society and family activities: 200 yuan per person for 1 year
Donating material: 
       Society integration, tickets for family activities and free court
       Donating “Holiday presents” for special parents
Action support: 
       To be an outdoor activity volunteer
3. Supporting plan for building ability for special education teachers
       Every special needs children need support of professional teachers and equipment for growth and education. Progress of every special needs children cannot stand without accompany and insistence of special education teacher. As we pay attention on special needs children, please do not forget these “special education teacher” behind. We should also send a support for their development and insistence.
       You can join us by:
Money donation: 
       Special education teacher training: 1000 yuan per year
       Life subsidy for special education teacher: 200 yuan per person for 1 month
Material donation:
       Holiday presents for special education teachers
Resource supporting: 
       Support for free specialists and free courts

Donation requirements

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